We believe that God’s free gift of grace is available to all people who repent and earnestly seek forgiveness of their sins.

We believe that God’s grace (the love and mercy of God) is a free gift available to all people. God is at work in our lives before we are even aware of it. God created every living thing and called it good. God wants to be in a relationship with us. The nature and self-sacrificing love of God is revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God offers us forgiveness and healing. We can choose whether or not to respond to God. When we respond to God’s grace, we continue to grow in the love of God and in the love of everything else God created throughout our lives.

We believe that the use of scripture, tradition, experience, and reason should formulate our belief and guide our practice.

We look to scripture as our primary source for faithful understanding, yet we acknowledge that the scriptures carry with them the fingerprints of ancient people, eras, and customs. We also rely on our tradition, personal and collective experience, and sound reason in helping us determine the way of Christ. 

We believe that how we live our lives is as important as what we say we believe.

Our faith is demonstrated in our practice. We are called to love not only each other, but all the people of the world. We are dedicated to living in ways that uphold the common good and we work together for justice and mercy. We believe in serving those who are on the margins of society and we advocate on behalf of those who have no voice.

We believe that our community of faith exists to worship God, make and nurture disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world, and encourage every person to live faithfully.

We are companions on a journey. Together we seek opportunities to learn, grow, and serve. Our hearts, our minds, and our doors are open to you. We hope you will join us.