Psalm 46:10 admonishes us: “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted over the earth.”

In response to the Coronavirus, even Christians are now panicking and “prophesying” the apocalypse (the end of time). In my humble opinion, crises have always served to strip away our facebook-instagram-twitter pretenses and reveal our true nature. Christians should not be joining the panicked masses. God and fear do not occupy the same space.

Contrary to the prophets of doom, we do not need to fear; nor do we need to make other people’s lives miserable because of our fears. At the very least, let us think about the tone of our communication with one another. Let us also think about our children. If we teach our children fear, they will learn how to be afraid.

I hope we can agree that this “plague” is upon us for reasons known only to God. So, for those of us who claim to be believers, now is the time to “be still” and acknowledge God. This situation gives us yet another opportunity to establish and practice our faith as we interact with people (believers and non-believers alike).

Let there be no misunderstanding. I believe the struggle is real. I also believe that the panic is unnecessary. While, I fully support our efforts to take all necessary precautions to keep our physical bodies healthy; let us also ensure that we are spiritually healthy in our love for God and for others. Let us take the time to mend broken relationships, restore family bonds, and live righteously before God.

~ Pastor Paul